Sunday, March 30, 2008

The River Flows......................

A Zen Master whom I knew for a while used to say that some days "the River flows in a different direction than we expect". I got that today.

This morning in the shower I saw a scab on my arm that wasn't there the last time I looked. But it wasn't hard enough to be a scab. When I looked closely it was a big, fat tick busy enjoying himself (or herself) on my blood. I've had Lyme Disease once, and I don't want to do that again. The antibiotics dealt with it fine, but my ankles and knees were in pain for months afterwards, and my mobility was really limited.

So off to the phone and my doctor's answering service. The PA who responded to my page said three weeks of antibiotics (and a probiotic as well, to keep my intestines from getting very cranky). He would phone in the prescription.

So I went to breakfast and mass and then off to the Pharmacy where the prescription was waiting. So I thought. Oh yes, it was there - had been there since 8 am. But nothing had been done about it, and it was an hour and a quarter before they could produce the drug. Then off to the Natural Food Store for the probiotic, only that store was closed for Sunday so I had to go to another town to find an open one. I got back 10 minutes late for lunch.

And now I have to leave for Connecticut where friends are waiting for me. So this is what you get from me this week. Some times the River flows in another direction. I hope that strikes you as a worthy spiritual observation, because it's what I have to offer today.

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